Drew Says

Tips from Drew Black

JD Industrial Sales is proud to be the Canadian representative of the supply leaders in the precast concrete products industry.  From consumables including spacers for reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts to capital equipment including mixer and batch systems, forms and molds, and remote control pouring buckets.  We are also proud to be the Canadian representative for Stone Strong Systems and supporting its network of licensed dealers across the country.

All of these companies are leading suppliers in the precast concrete industry and serve on industry association boards and committees across North America. 

The companies we represent are:

  • Canadian Concrete Accessories - www.spacers.com
  • ERMC - www.ermc.com
  • New Hampton Metal Fab - www.nhmfcorp.com
  • Precise Forms - www.preciseforms.com
  • Spillman - www.spillmanform.com
  • Stone Strong Systems - www.stonestrong.com

All of these companies have outstanding technical and support staff and provide excellent custom service.  Your support is appreciated.