Featured Products

Double Mesh Benders

Double Mesh bender

  • Standard Sizes: 8”, 10’, 12’
  • 90 degree final bend maximum
  • Bending radius 2” typical (box culvert cage production)
  • Capacity – W21.0 on 2” Centres or W32.0 on 4” Centres

Canadian Concrete Accessories

Canadian Concrete Accessories 

  • Next day delivery to most regions of Canada
  • Cage spacers for circular, elliptical and box applications
  • Specialty wire formed products for non-standard application.

Engineered Solutions

  • Meets NCMA SRWU-2 and ASTM D6638
  • Wall heights of 12-15 feet without geogrid or soil reinforcement
  • Wall heights of 40 feet with proper engineering
  • No tieback eliminates costly over-excavation
  • Blocks stack almost vertically maximizing land use
  • Produced with air entrained 4,000 PSI concrete
  • Manual labor is replaced by a small crew and a few pieces of equipment
  • Uniform in weight, dimensional tolerances and strength
  • Precise interlock without any mechanical assistance
  • Environmentally friendly option for applications in and around water